"Interiori Penati" has existed for 20 years on the Bulgarian market.

Designs and manufactures unique interior and exterior of railings, staircases and stairs made of stainless steel, brass, glass, mdf. "

Also, "Interiori Penati" builds and designs metal equipments with high quality of workmanship.

We Offer

What does Penati Interiori offer?


High quality of finished products




Conformity to human needs




Each production of "Penate Interiors" takes place in the following stages:








Making a Technology Card


Corrections according to the conducted tests


Possibility to buy a lease on an individually negotiated scheme


The production process of "Interiori Penati" is strictly technologically subordinate and is divided into units, workshops and more.


A detailed production scheme is introduced for every detail, implemented or designed. We strive to continuously develop and optimize the production process by introducing new technologies.


"Interiori Penati" has an authorized own production base, experienced managerial and technical staff of highly qualified workers.We use modern and reliable materials of the highest quality.Our designers develop for our clients complete interior projects and solutions for furnishing of establishments, offices, , hotels, which allows the acquisition of a more aesthetic and individual look We offer honesty and professionalism Our team is happy to meet every challenge given by the client.

What are we different about?

Our company has established itself in the field of interior design with unique solutions for optimal use of the interior space. The projects are characterized by the purity of the forms, practicality, unobtrusive details, subordinate to a common idea.


All interior and exterior projects are tailored to the specifics of the object. The materials used are in harmony with the environment and the characteristics of the environment. Solutions are feasible both in non-standard dwellings and in small public spaces. Attention is also paid to the interior lighting, details and colors. Unique lighting fixtures have been made. The details of the rails and stairs are not self-explanatory, but they contribute to the movement of the interior.


"Interiori Penati" offers a wide range of services in the field of designing, manufacturing and assembling their customers. On these pages you will find more about each type of services offered.


Our company also offers:

Development and realization of design solutions of type "Accessories".

A complete set of products and constructions with the necessary accessories and customized kits.

Production of visors, sheds, facades, advertising, stainless steel boards, brass, glass, coated mdf and powder coating of details and constructions.

Decoration of fireplaces, tables, chairs, barstools.

Construction of metal ladders - external, internal, straight, curved.

Non-standard metal structures on individual project.

Equipment of shops and other commercial premises.

We are the best in what we do !

Perfect performance and high quality

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s. Mramor, str. Ivan Vazov 49

Phone: 02 993 21 65

CSM 1: 0888003997 - Андрей Павлов

CSM 2: 0889438003 - Анри Павлов

Email: interiori_penati@abv.bg